Color Research Spring/Summer 2012

Color is the imposing element of each season and a single substance used to distinguish one line from the next or group them specifically as the next rising trend.

Each design phase begins with color research to determine a line specific color palette for the upcoming, and by upcoming I mean a year in advance, season ahead. In an effort to stimulate future sales the design team will explore color trends and forecast the particular color choices for the brand’s future line. In this case spring/summer 2012 is the next season on deck and the research has begun with and in-depth look at the relationship between color and emotions.

Research suggests colors are associated with positive emotions while neutrals (with the exception of white) are associated with negative emotions. Warm colors are linked to activity while cooler colors are linked to passivity.

As a line geared toward professional and modern women we concern ourselves with the specifics of their likes and dislikes. Blue is said to be viewed as more passive by professionals where green and white are seen more positive. By using different ratios of value and intensity of color hues we can generate a pleasing color palette for our target market as well as one on trend for the specific season.

The fabric trade show Premiervision predicts the following colors to trend for spring/summer 2012. By taking into account the emotional link towards colors, visiting trade shows, and conducting extensive research we’ll narrow down our spring/summer 2012 color palette to about 8 to 10 colors.

In lieu of developing a luxurious palette the colors we choose for the impending season will be sophisticated and complex.


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