Louis XIII by Remy Martin

As a conossuier of champagne and rose wine, with the occasional white russian, I rarely, if ever, delve into the luxury of cognac. Last week I was invited by the Wall Street Journal to attend a special tasting of Louis XIII by Rémy Martin with brand ambassador Remy Brabant.

I learned Louis XIII is the result of four generations of Cellar Masters and comprised of a unique blend of 1,200 eaux-de-vie, all from Grand Champagne, and aged in teirçons, century-old casks made of Limousin oak. The packaging of Louis XIII shares almost as much history as the Cognac itself. The idea for the glass came from an old bottle found by Emile Remy Martin on a Jarnac battlefield. Since then, the carafe has evolved into its distinguished shape, manufactured by Baccarat since 1936. A solid gold collar encases the neck, which is adorned by a signature fleur-de-lys crystal stopper.


The luxurious cognac is a noble deep amber color and boasts only of the finest flavors. On the nose there are aromas of delicate flowers, rich fruits and intense spices. On the palate are flavors of lychee, cigars and cinnamon. The only way to truly taste the Louis XIII is from a specially designed crystal glass from Baccarat.

When searching for a special moment, choose to taste Louis XIII as it is known as “a century in a glass.”


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