Vacation Travel: Costa Rica – A Wedding

January in New York isn’t always the most pleasant season, which I can attest as we rode to the airport in a full blizzard before our departure to Costa Rica, however January in Costa Rica is quite exquisite. This year I had the luxury of attending a wedding in the beautiful country located in Central America. The name Costa Rica means rich coast, and is located between nine to ten degrees north of the Equator creating a tropical climate year round (just what this snow-laden New Yorker needed). The country has many microclimates depending on the elevation, rainfall, topography, and geography of each particular region.

The days leading up to the wedding consisted of sunbathing, ATV tours (which consisted of a gang of 20 riding in single file behind each other), pool lounging, and indulging in tasty Costa Rican cuisine. The cuisine itself is known for being mild with a high reliance of fruit and vegetables. Casado (rice and beans served with a meat and salad) for lunch was a staple and every meal was accompanied by fresh ceviche. The beachside BBQ at the Florblanca resort, where the margarita’s are especially delicious, was my personal favorite dining experience throughout the trip.

My friend’s wedding took place on the beaches of Santa Teresa, an area known for its lush surfing, just as the sun was setting and tide came crashing in. Directly following the ceremony we walked through the sand, coconut cup rum drinks in hand, to the reception. The dinner, lit only by candles and chinese lanterns consisted of another luscious Costa Rican meal of freshly prepared fish and vegetables, and of course wedding cake.

The trips itself could not have come at a better time after the holidays and before the year began to kick into high gear. I came back refreshed and ready to conquer. If you’re in need of a vacation to truly release your work-day woes and transport you to a state of total tranquility I recommend visiting Costa Rica.

– Aimee Mars


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