Where to Stay – Chicago

It’s Monday morning, you’re already at the airport while most are just brewing their coffee, and preparing yourself for this weeks business trip. A while ago I learned to try and make the most of my business trips by adding a little comfort and enjoyment (perhaps even a little luxury), after all the trip does cut into my personal time.

One of my favorite ways to add these elements is by choosing my hotel stays in each city selectively. The criteria for choosing hotels are excellent customer service, bathrooms without florescent lighting, and comfortable beds. I have found some of the best hotels to excel in these categories are boutique hotels.

I’ll now take you to the windy city of Chicago and introduce you to one of my favorite hotels called the Hotel Indigo. When staying at the Hotel Indigo you’re guaranteed a luxurious and tranquil stay that will ensure you wake up with a peace of mind and fully relaxed. “Every detail is warm, inviting, and meticulously chosen to optimize your comfort and deliver harmony and hospitality.”

If you’re not traveling to Chicago don’t worry because there is a Hotel Indigo in just about every major city in the US and even some international locations as well. Visit their site (listed below) to book your stay on your next business trip – you just might even want to extend your stay.

Photos compliments of the Hotel Indigo website http://www.hotelindigo.com

2 Responses to “Where to Stay – Chicago”
  1. stephanie @ jobless in tx says:

    I stayed at a Hotel Indigo in Houston and was thoroughly impressed! A great choice and was rather cheap, too.

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