Skin Tone and the Perfect Red Lipstick for Spring 2011


Skin tone plays a large roll in how you take care of your skin as well as when choosing your make-up, and especially when choosing the perfect red lipstick. A simple less-than-5-minute exercise can help you to determine your skin tone which will provide you with the needed knowledge for choosing the proper red lipstick.

Start by pulling all your hair off your face into a secure pony tail and then washing your face without applying moisturizer. Place a white towel around your neck and shoulders (the white cloth will reflect skin undertones). Look into a mirror placed near direct light (sunlight is the best light so avoid a florescent lighting). If your face appears yellow next to the white towel you have a warm skin tone and if it looks more blue then you have a cool skin tone.

Depending on the strength of your undertones you will know where you fall on the range of cool to warm which will guide you to the perfect shade. Shades range from the cool: light, fair, and medium to the warm: olive, brown, and black. Choose your shade and you’re read to start choosing your perfect red lipstick color.



This season an array of beautiful red lipsticks are available and with fashion moving towards a more put-together look they’ve arrived just in time.



Suggested colors for light and fair skin shades.


Suggested colors for medium and olive skin shades.


Suggested colors for brown and black skin shades.

Wearing red lipstick can be considered a powerful accessory so be sure to choose the proper color and wear it confidently.



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