Dress for Success

Research has found people who start the day in a good mood tend to stay in a good mood throughout the day, and the clothes you wear to the office can have a dramatic affect on your career. If research is found to be true and the average worker spends approximately 122,400 hours working in their lifetime and 1 hour commuting to and from work, then wouldn’t you want to look stellar doing so?

Perhaps it’s the weekend wearing off, but women spend 4 times longer getting ready for work on Monday’s then on Fridays. A majority of these women are choosing casual business clothes more so than any other type of work attire. The chart below shows the various types of work attire and the percentage of women who wear them.


Formal Business clothes____6%

Casual Business clothes____52%

Casual street clothes______25%



A total of 16 minutes are spent by the average women trying on different combinations of clothes at the beginning of the week and tapers down as the week progresses. With as many hours as you’ll end up spending, 122,400 to be exact, I recommend wearing something comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for your office to ensure you’ll leave the lasting impression you wish to achieve as a professional modern woman.

Tell us what you wear to the office!


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