What Works @ Work

Entering the work world fresh-faced where fashion faux-pas are expected can be daunting enough, but developing your work-style shouldn’t have to be, no matter what level you hold? The key: finding the perfect mix between runway-ready and boardroom best. The following steps can help you figure out where your wardrobe needs updating and how you can work with what you already own.

  1. To determine the acceptable attire figure out the office mood and take into account what your co-workers are wearing. Some industries have standard work wear expectations and companies within those industries have their own set of rules. By taking into account the attire of your fellow office mates you’ll be able to determine where your style fits in and how to make it company appropriate
  2. Know what works on your body type. Not every trend or style is meant for every body shape. Make sure the outfit fits. Too tight and you’ll look over-weight and feel uncomfortable all day – not the best combination for climbing the corporate ladder, and clothes fitting too loose will cause your appearance to look frumpy and disorganized.
  3. Own key classic staples that pair with almost anything and extend your wardrobe. The classic pieces in your wardrobe are great to combine with the latest seasons trends or more stylish item. They can balance out a look and sometimes end up being the most comfortable garments you’ll own. Some of the best classics are listed below:
    • Black Pencil Skirt
    • Navy Suit
    • Gray Pants
    • LBD (and office appropriate little black dress)
    • White Button Down Blouse
    • Silk Tank
    • Black Patent Leather Heels
    • Sling-back low heels – preferably in a bold color
    • Cardigan
    • Trench
  4. Accessorize. Proper accessories can liven an entire outfit. If your office tends to veer more towards a conservative attire then accessorizing can be an excellent way to show your style, especially with a bold colored shoe.

The clothes you wear to the office or in representation of your office should be sleek and efficient. These four strategies have proven to be the best options for developing  your work-wear style and ensuring your show up each day with the appearance you want to project.

For any specific office wear related questions leave a comment and I’ll reply.

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  1. Here is a great coordinating post to “What Works @ Work” by Cupcakes and Cashmere http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/clothing-rack/ Keeping a rolling rack with clothes for the week, or moment, will help to inspire you and unleash your style.

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