Are We too Casual?

Living in a society where it seems anything goes and style is something of one’s own virtue, is anyone worried we’re too casual? As a person living in this society I’m greatly appreciative to the comfortable clothes now acceptable as outerwear, but am concerned for the overuse of this clothing category.

In 1963 a trip to the mailbox required full make-up and dress, now on a flight across the continent a sweatsuit and messy hair, paired with frumpy winter boots is a signature look. What happened to the days of dressing up? Discomfort I understand, but with the available designer options of knitwear and garments made with high-quality fiber versions of spandex and lycra, not being used for such events, I don’t.  Work-wear has even made a dramatic shift towards casual business attire, which is becoming more and more casual every day.

The latest fashion, style, and trends are at our finger tips, literally. In a world where time is of the essence if we took just a moment to figure out our style and what works best for our figures, then dressing would become easier and more comfortable. In no way am I speaking to everyone, because I know there are women doing a wonderful job of living a dressed up and stylish life, but I love helping women find their style and add excitement to their wardrobes, this is in fact why I’m a designer. I understand both sides of this argument, but in my opinion I would love to see more women dress to impress.


Here’s a guide to developing your work-style wardrobe:  How to Develop Your Work-style Wardrobe 


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