Spring 2011 Color: The Next Phase in the Cycle

After conducting much research for Spring 2012 color forecasting, I was thrilled to read Rebecca Berntstein’s article “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in the March 16th, 2011 New York Post. This season a literal rainbow of color can be expected in all the stores and wardrobes of the best dressed. Rebecca even touched on the emotion of colors by suggesting “…many believe yellow helps us feel energetic and happy, and that orange evokes feelings of expansiveness and warmth. Red, another warm color, is associated with that most spring-like activity – affairs of the heart. And on the cooler end of the spectrun, green reminds us of grass and leaves – of nature itself; blue, the memory of warm summer skies and endless oceans, which creates a sense of calm; and purples of headier things, such as spirituality and enlightenment.”

This article is a great indicator of color forecasting for seasons to come. By using the color forecasting cycle one could expect the next cycle to head towards a more subdued range, however viewing the Fall 2011 lines shows the rainbow of multi-colors isn’t going anywhere.  



 Fall 2011 Pantone Color Prediction

With hints of subdued colors such as “Oyster Gray” and “Rose Dust” is it possible Spring 2012 will push us towards a subduded color phase?

Leave a comment to tell me your forecast.


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