Fitting Room Formality: If the Skirt Fits Buy It

Due to vanity sizing in today’s clothing market finding the right size requires more than just checking the tag. Knowing a few guidlines to follow when entering the dressing room will leave you with confidence in your purchase.


Grab more than one size.

Since each store and brand have their own set of standards for sizing it’s a good idea to grab more than one size when trying on a garment. Take the size you have the most of in your closet and then grab one size smaller and one size up. For example if you’re a size 6 then bring a size 4 and 8 along with you. By trying on the other two sizes you’ll be able to judge which of the three fits best or if you need to go with an entirely different size, and it saves time from running back and forth or waiting on the attendant.

Move around.

The skirt should allow for comfortable movement when performing basic motions such as walking and sitting. Anything constricting would cause discomfort when wearing for long periods of time. As you move around check for rotation. If the seams of the skirt are moving as you move then the cut could be wrong for your body type or the size could be too small or large.

Check the coverage.

Make sure the skirt is long enough and if buying for work make sure the length is something you’ll be confident in at the office. If the skirt style is a wrap then make sure there is plenty of fabric as a windy day could expose more than you’d like.

Check for sheerness.

Because some dressing rooms are dimly lit walk out into the store where the lighting tends to be brighter to make sure the fabric of the skirt isn’t see-through.

These four guidelines will help you to master the fit of your next skirt purchase. Perhaps you’ll even want to try this with garments currently in your closet. You may be surprised to find a few skirts that should be edited out of your wardrobe.


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