Determine your Body Shape

Sometimes the hardest aspect of shopping isn’t figuring out the current trends and styles you should be adding to your wardrobe, but what current trends and styles will look best on your body shape.

Shape is determined by proportion. The key to finding your own style and developing your wardrobe is finding balance with your proportion and emphasizing you best features. In order to do this you must first know your body shape.

There are several different terms refering to body shape and methods to which you can determine proportions, but a simple measuring tape is all you need. The shapes used to distinguish different body proportions refers to the trunk of everyone’s body and by measuring the bust, waist, and hips you can easily determine this shape. When taking the measurements follow the guide below and make sure not to pull the tape too tightly.

Bust Measurement

Measure across the back and fullest part of the bust (not under the bust).
Waist Measurement
Measure across the narrowest part of the natural waist. Bend to one side to find the natural waist.
Hip Measurement
Standing with feet together, measure at the fullest part of the hip.

Your measurements will show you which areas of your trunk are greater and smaller. Compare these proportions to the shapes in the image below to determine your body shape. If you’re not completely certain of your shape read the details below for more definition.

Triangle Shape

  • Narrower shoulders and bust
  • Slim and defined waist
  • Broader hips

Inverted Triangle Shape

  • Broad shoulders
  • Athletic upper arms
  • Proportionally narrow bust and hip

Rectangle Shape

  • Proportioned bust and hips
  • Waist curves are subtle
  • Appear slim from the side

Hourglass Shape

  • Soft rounded shoulders
  • Slim waist definition
  • Proportioned bust and hips
  • Very curvy

Diamond Shape

  • Proportioned shoulders and hips
  • Little to no waist definition
  • Full stomach

Rounded Shape

  • Very proportionate
  • Tend to carry weight around mid-section
  • No waist definition

Following this post will be series of posts dedicated to each specific shape and which types of clothes will look best on them. Check back each day to learn more about your shape.


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