Dressing the Triangle Shape: Dresses

Finding the perfect flattering fit for any type of body shape is about establishing a balance of proportion. The triangle body shape, also the most common, is defined by a smaller bust and narrow shoulders, a slim and defined waist and broader hips. To balance the proportions of the triangle shape, add volume and draw attention to the upper part of the body. Choose clothing items that slim the hips and bottom area.

Empire dresses, wrap dresses, and princess seamed dresses all work well for the triangle shape. A defined waistline and width at the shoulder line balances out the hips. As a triangle shape you’ll want to avoid halter dresses that tend to make a narrow shoulder look even narrower as well as shapeless dresses such as a trapeze and tent dress.

To balance out the body when choosing colors or patterns in dresses, make sure the pattern or detail and the brighter/lighter colors are at the top part of the dress. This formula will help you to choose dresses to accentuate the top. Darker colors on bottom help to slim the hip area creating a greater balance in proportion.



A-line Dresses
A low neckline to emphasize the bust
Pattern or embellishment around the top


Doesn’t Work

Tight and clingy dresses around the bottom half
Horizontal detailing and stripes on the bottom half
Sheath and bias cut dresses
Tiered and flouncy bottom dresses


Click to Determine: Are you a Triangle Shape?



Dressing the Triangle Shape





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