Dressing the Triangle Shape: Tops

The triangle body shape, also the most common, is defined by a smaller bust and narrow shoulders, a slim and defined waist and broader hips. The key to finding the perfect blouses for the this shape are finding silhouettes to emphasize the top half of the body, which then draw attention away from the lower half.

Blouses lighter or bold in color than the the bottoms your wearing nicely accentuate the appropriate features as well as patterns. Look for a wide necklines to show off the collar and details such as ruffles or pockets.

The perfect blouse for the triangle shape is one that is fitted with a hem falling at the top of the hips. When wearing a fitted blouse however, the bottoms should be fitted as well (baggy or floaty bottoms will emphasize the bottom half of your body).


What Works

Bateau and cowl neck blouses

Patterns, bold colors, and textures


What Doesn’t Work

Blouses who’s hem falls at the bottom

Thin strapped halter tops

Baggy blouses



Click to Determine: Are you a Triangle Shape


Dressing the Triangle Shape





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