History of the Wrap Dress

When searching for the perfect dress I find myself looking for a versatile garment to fit with other pieces currently in my wardrobe. The dress should fit my body like a glove and be a classic that won’t go out of style. We all want timeless pieces to transition from work to play by simply adding some jewels and stilettos and in my findings I conclude the wrap dress is the perfect piece.

Diane von Furstenberg, President of the CFDA and owner of DVF, first introduced this dress in 1972 to appeal to the professional woman searching for an easy-to-wear yet stylish dress for the work environment. The dress was an immediate hit. By 1976 Furstenberg had sold more than 5 million wrap dresses and officially re-launched the dress in 1997.

Since the garment has not only become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe but reached iconic status within the fashion world. Not only is the dress perfect for almost ever figure, it is a dress of many faces. Produced in all sleeve and hem lengths this dress has a belt that ties to “cinch” the waist and is usually produced in knit fabrications.

Redesigned and reinvented this dress finds its way back onto the runways and back into out closets season after season. This dress is truly a timeless piece of fashion and the perfect dress for the professional modern woman.



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