Dressing the Square Shape: Dresses

When developing your wardrobe you should embrace your shape and be confident buying clothes to compliment it. As best said by Coco Chanel “The most important thing to analyze first is the body type we have (not the one we want): keep in mind is has nothing to do with size, it’s all about proportions.” The square shaped body appears sporty and consists of the upper body, waist, and lower body being equal with a short waist.

The goal when dressing the square shape is to create curves and elongate the silhouette. Wearing a dress with an A-line, or flared bottom will draw attention to your legs to create a leaner look. Scooped or V-neck dress tops emphasize your bust and draw attention to the face. By wearing a belt at the natural waist over a dress you can create the appearance of a slimmer waist and curvier look. Also look for dresses with a full printed bottom to accentuate a curvier look.



Narrow skirts and dresses that elongate the body.
Off-the-shoulder dresses with an A-line or full skirt.
Gentle ruching or draping across the bust with a fitted waist and full skirt.


    Doesn’t Work

    Vertical patterns and lines will make you appear thin and lanky.
    Clingy or baggy clothes that hide your shape.


    Click to Determine: Are you a Square Shape


    Dressing the Square Shape




    – Jade Tarpley


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