Jefferson Vineyards

Living in a bustling urban city and working in a fast paced career inspires me to take vacationing seriously. In each new place I visit, if I find a vineyard nearby, I immediately work a tour into the trip. This past Christmas a journey to Monticello prompted a snow-covered visit to explore the Jefferson Vineyards.

Located just a mile outside Monticello and on Thomas Jefferson’s original land, the vineyard was first planted in 1774. Today they produce between 4000 and 8000 cases annually. The vineyard landscape is beautiful, especially covered in snow, and upon entering you can almost feel the history of the land surrounding you.

The lavish and quaint tasting room had all the charming characteristics of a sophisticated wine cellar, and the tasting menu is quite vast. We were so impressed with their wines and the smooth taste, a wine cellar is practically what we brought home. Jefferson Vineyards pays attention to detail, even the labels on the bottles are embossed in metallic gold for a luxurious added touch.

They describe their white wines as being “marked by their freshness, vibrancy and full flavor,” whereas the red wines are said to be “full-flavored, with subtle complexity, and a delicate touch of oak.” My personal favorite was the powerful Petit Verdot which won the Gold Medal in the 2010 Monterey Wine Competition. This wine “delivers a burst of dark red fruit tempered by black currant, spices and tobacco.” The finish, bone-dry. In my opinion this wine is smooth and perfect for enjoying without any accompaniments so you can truly enjoy the taste.




Wine List

1353 Thomas Jefferson Parkway

Charlottesville, VA 22902






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