Nespresso Boutique

While frantically looking for a quiet café in Soho, a challenge in and of itself, I stumbled upon the Nespresso boutiqué located on Prince and Mercer. I’ve never had the luxury of tasting the coffee blends Nespresso offers and was easily enticed by the sleek design of the café.

Convinced this was the quiet place I was seeking, I quickly entered and settled up to the bar to choose from over 16 different coffee and expresso blended flavors. I went with my usual the café latte. The presentation was nothing short of impressive as the frothy beverage came in a tall glass paired with the perfect stirring spoon and saucer displaying specially packaged sugar and a chocolate accompaniment.

Nespresso says their boutiques “welcome coffee lovers to an environment dedicated to the art of espresso.” After the last sip of my latte the Nespresso club had won me over and a machine purchase will surely be in my future.




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