Dressing the Round Shape: Tops

The rounded shape is very proportionate and tends to carry weight around the mid-section where there is little definition. The key to dressing the round shape is finding tops with embellishment that are longer to create a lean and balanced look. Long shirt tails and rounded hems will hide your stomach as well as wrap tops. Avoid low-cut tops or tops that show too much cleavage.

For color stick to monochromatic or single colors with different shades rather than multi-colored tops. Darker print in the same shade will work better than vivid prints.

The best fabrics for the rounded shape are silks and Cotton tops that skim the body instead of cling to your curves. The most flattering tops will create a leaner look and not be too tight or baggy.


What Works

Wide scooped necklines and single button jackets.

Empire line and longer lengths such as tunics.

Low and embellished or v-neck necklines

What Doesn’t Work

Avoid adding volume around your middle.

Short boxy jackets or tops.

Bulky knits.


Click to determine: Are you a Round Shape?


Dressing the Round Shape





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