How to Avoid Hiring a Bad Apple

What should you look for when hiring a new employee? How can you tell if someone will be a bad employee? Start with the 10 negative traits listed below.

  1. Argumentative
  2. Easily Distracted
  3. Immature
  4. Self-doubt
  5. Moody
  6. Inconsiderate
  7. Self Centered
  8. Indecisive
  9. Poor Team Player
  10. 10.Careless

Something to Consider

Before conducting an interview make sure you’re able to recognize certain dispositions and characteristics in a person to save yourself from making a mistake. Do your research before the initial interview to fully know the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Why the Hiring Process is Important

It’s expensive when you make a hiring mistake. Researchers estimate replacement of an employee can range from two to seven times his/her salary. Hiring and training a new employee can vary from 25-200% of annual compensation. If the bad apple stays, they may drive your best employees away.

If the individual hired is unproductive, others have to pick up the slack and when the team morale is low so is productivity. Clients, prospects, and vendors look at your employees as a reflection of your company. Making a bad choice can cost your organization revenue and market share.

When conducting an interview be prepared. Know what you’re looking for and what your company needs. Also, remember to look for the signs someone might be a “bad apple.”



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