A Blonde’s Dream

After making the mistake of going brunette this summer, a true blonde myself, my drab dishwater strands were in need of serious care. Luckily a friend of mine, also a caramel blonde, arranged an appointment for me at the coveted Oscar Blandi salon.

Kyle White, the celebrity hair stylist, came to the rescue to bring me back to buttery blonde in under an hour’s time.

The salon uses a different coloring system where precise plastic clips are used instead of foils to bleach the hair quickly and efficiently in under 10 minutes.  This process of bleaching hair is known for preventing damage so I left the salon with great looking hair as well as great feeling hair. Striking blondes such as Tinsley Mortimer and Kelly Ripa are among Oscar Blandi’s top clients. After experiencing the transforming confident feeling while leaving the salon I know why they all come back.

Oscar Blandi


545 Madison Avenue

(entrance on 55th St)


Can’t get an appointment? Try this great Oscar Blandi products…

Pronto Wet Instant Volumizing Shampoo



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