How to Take Your Measurements

Making sure a garment fits your body like a glove is key to having a wardrobe that you’ll love and wear for years to come. No one wants a closet full of clothes that kind of fit or will fit when they lose weight. When you go into a store or to a tailor you don’t want them knowing more about your body than you do.  That is why it is so important to know your measurements and how to take them.

What you’ll need

Pen, paper, flexible tape measure, mirror.

Measure your bust.

Take this measurement wearing your everyday bra (preferably with not much padding). Facing the mirror, wrap the tape measure around your back and bring forward to the fullest part of your bust. Check the mirror to make sure you’ve got a straight line. Write that number down as bust.

Natural waistline.

Your natural waistline is easy to find. When you bend to each side it will be where you have a crease. Check the mirror. This time the line may not be straight and that’s fine. Pick up your tape and measure exactly at the crease. Make sure not to hold your breath or pull the tape too tight. Put this down as waist


In this measurement what you want is the absolute fullest part of your low hip. Stand with your feet together. Check yourself both front and side in the mirror to make sure you’ve got your fullest hip and that the tape measure is straight. Write this down as hips.


Your inseam is measured crotch to ankle on the inside of your leg. Start at your anklebone and measure up. This is easiest with someone to help. If you want to do it on your own start at the ankle and measure up. You can do this in two parts if needed: from your anklebone to where your knee bends and from there up to your crotch. Use the mirror and double check. Put this down as inseam.


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