Sara Claire & Esther at Madame Paulette’s

Tulips & Pansies the Headdress Affair is held each year by VillageCare to raise money for people in the New York City area living with AIDS/HIV. The judges this year were Beth Broderick ( known best for her role as Aunt Zelda on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), Michael Musto (columnist for the village voice), Daphne … Continue reading

How to Take Your Measurements

Making sure a garment fits your body like a glove is key to having a wardrobe that you’ll love and wear for years to come. No one wants a closet full of clothes that kind of fit or will fit when they lose weight. When you go into a store or to a tailor you … Continue reading

Closet Coordination

As I’ve grown in my career I’ve noticed myself leaning towards a more professional wardrobe, but also one with a more definitive style. While developing my professional yet stylish wardrobe I’ve felt the need to keep my closet completely organized. Studies have shown women spend an average of 18 minutes getting ready for work on … Continue reading

Dressing the Round Shape: Tops

The rounded shape is very proportionate and tends to carry weight around the mid-section where there is little definition. The key to dressing the round shape is finding tops with embellishment that are longer to create a lean and balanced look. Long shirt tails and rounded hems will hide your stomach as well as wrap … Continue reading

Dressing the Square Shape: Dresses

When developing your wardrobe you should embrace your shape and be confident buying clothes to compliment it. As best said by Coco Chanel “The most important thing to analyze first is the body type we have (not the one we want): keep in mind is has nothing to do with size, it’s all about proportions.” … Continue reading