How to Take Your Measurements

Making sure a garment fits your body like a glove is key to having a wardrobe that you’ll love and wear for years to come. No one wants a closet full of clothes that kind of fit or will fit when they lose weight. When you go into a store or to a tailor you … Continue reading

History of the Wrap Dress

When searching for the perfect dress I find myself looking for a versatile garment to fit with other pieces currently in my wardrobe. The dress should fit my body like a glove and be a classic that won’t go out of style. We all want timeless pieces to transition from work to play by simply … Continue reading

Determine your Body Shape

Sometimes the hardest aspect of shopping isn’t figuring out the current trends and styles you should be adding to your wardrobe, but what current trends and styles will look best on your body shape. Shape is determined by proportion. The key to finding your own style and developing your wardrobe is finding balance with your proportion … Continue reading

Dress for Success

Research has found people who start the day in a good mood tend to stay in a good mood throughout the day, and the clothes you wear to the office can have a dramatic affect on your career. If research is found to be true and the average worker spends approximately 122,400 hours working in their … Continue reading