Make-up Bag Spring Garden Party Inspiration

Each year as the seasons begin to turn and the weather decides to bring a little warmth I begin to go through a spring cleaning of my look. This Spring I found myself wanting an updated beauty routine and was so inspired by the fresh flowers on the runway I sought a garden party theme. … Continue reading

What to Carry in Your Carry On

Take one small nap on a transcontinental flight and your hair is bound to lose the shape you boarded with. By using Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray by Oscar Blandi you can absorb excess oil and product build-up as well as increase hair volume at the roots. This product even strengthens hair and nourishes the scalp. … Continue reading

Skin Tone and the Perfect Red Lipstick for Spring 2011

SKIN TONE Skin tone plays a large roll in how you take care of your skin as well as when choosing your make-up, and especially when choosing the perfect red lipstick. A simple less-than-5-minute exercise can help you to determine your skin tone which will provide you with the needed knowledge for choosing the proper … Continue reading